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Jukoshin Ryu World Grading Panel

Flag of Canada Hanshi R Panneton - Chairman Union Flag Soke Bryan Cheek
Flag of Mexico Shihan Eduardo Sanchez England Hanshi Stefan Drexler
Union Flag Kyoshi Anthony Robson Flag of Switzerland Shihan Hanspeter Rüesch
Ukraine Shihan Evgeny Radishevsky Flag of Denmark Shihan Finn Jensen

The official Jukoshinryu World Council/Grading Panel, along with other senior grades within Jukoshinryu will be responsible for the advancement of all Jukoshinryu grades above the rank of 4th Dan black belt.

When a member wishes to apply for advancement in either grade or title, the council will be asked to vote yes or no, depending on what they know of the applicants skills, attitude etc. If the applicant is unknown to the council or council member, the council member will abstain from voting.

Each panel member has one vote which they can use in the following way:

1.      Positive means Yes

2.      Negative means No

3.      Abstain means neither yes or no.

All votes are recorded with the council's Chairman ‘Hanshi Robert Panneton’.

An applicant must receive a majority of yes votes to be upgraded or have their title awarded, there are at the moment ten senior officials on the grading panel. The individual will be notified of the result when all votes have been cast.


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