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About Us

Jukoshin Ryu International was founded in 2003 by Soke Bryan Cheek 10th Dan and other senior Jiu Jitsu masters from around the world.

Jukoshin Ryu - Spirit of Gentle and Strong -  Jiu Jitsu is now playing a major role in the family of martial arts, this is due to it's very practical, efficient and no nonsense techniques, devised over some 40 years by Soke Bryan Cheek.

With it's emphasis on the 5 S's - Skill - Speed - Stamina - Suppleness - Strength, this system appeals to students that require a self defence strategy that really works.

Jukoshin Ryu also provides a variety of techniques second to none, which enables all types of student the ability to succeed, and to become proficient in this combat art.

Throws - Locks - Pressure Points - Strikes - Kicks - Grappling and weapons training are all inclusive in the vast syllabus available with many traditional techniques, which have been tried and tested, and also many modern combat forms, which make this style progressive yet proven.

A uniform standard of training around the world is required of all participants within Jukoshin Ryu, with particular emphasis on all Dan gradings.

These are monitored and controlled by the International Grading Committee consisting of members from ten different countries, ensuring a worldwide standard at Black Belt level.



Table of Organization

Soke - Head of Style

Shihan - Chief Instructor

Hanshi - Professor

ôshi - Assistant Professor

Renshi - Polished Expert

Sensei - Teacher

Yudansha - Black Belt

Sempai - Senior Coloured Grade

Mudansha - Coloured Belt Grade


Jukoshin Ryu is an open and totally non-political organisation, dedicated to the advancement and development of this unique style, anybody requiring further information about Jukoshin Ryu should contact Soke Bryan Cheek or Kyoshi Anthony Robson or the representative of the relevant country.


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