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Welcome to Jukoshin Ryu International - Azerbaijan

Representative: Vidadi Hajiyev
7-ya  KOLTSEVAYA street#32, Azi-Aslanov settlement
+99412  7723055


Vidadi Hajiyev is Azeri. He was born on November 26th 1980 and grew up, Caucasus, Russia and Turkey.

He is single, educated as lawyer and has bachelor scientific degree.

He is well versed in several foreign languages, such as Azeri, English, Russian, Turkish and Usbek.

Vidadi passed his military service in the armed force of the Azerbaijan Republic as an self-protection and physical training instructor.

Vidady started with Taekwon-Do in an age of ten years, where he engaged himself for more then twelve years.

He learned under instructors who have been migrants from Korea - later he passed the training by the best masters of from Uzbekistan. He trained ITF- and WTF-Taekwon-Do. In both styles he passed his attestation for black belts.

1995 he moved to Caucasus and now he lives and works in Azerbaijan where he has his own Taekwon-Do school with approximately 36 students and four assistants.

Personal achievements:
Caucasian champion(1 place-sparring) on Taekwon-Do GTF - May 18th 2003, Gerorgia
International Taekwon-Do Tournament champion(ist place -sparring) on Taekwon-Do ITF, December 2002, Azerbaijan
Country champion(1 place-sparring) on Full Contact Karate, 2000, Azerbaijan
2nd place on republican kickboxing championships, 2001, Azerbaijan
International Taekwon-do ITF tournament champion(1st places sparring and patterns), July7th 2003, Baku-Azerbaijan.
He has got following degrees:

1. 3dan in Traditional Taekwon-do ITU ,December 10th,2003

2. 2dan in Tang Soo Do ITSF,May 5th 2004

3. 1dan in Taekwon-do GTF,May31th 2003

4. 3dan in Full contact Karate,2000

5. 4dan in Combat Hapkido(IHF},2004
6. 4dan in Hapkido(AHF),April 12,2004


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