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Welcome to Jukoshin Ryu International

Representative: Hanshi Robert Panneton
10315 du Plein Air
Mirabel ,Québec J7J  1S 7

Flag of Canada

Since 1968 Hanshi has been the chief  instructor of his own Jiu-Jitsu club in Montreal

Graduated 7 th dan by Kyoshi Ron Yamanaka by the Y.K.K.F.

Graduated 8 th dan by Hanshi Daniel Blanchet by the International Budo Ass.

Graduated 8 th dan by Soke Bryan Cheek by the World Elite Black Belt Society .

Graduated 9 th dan by Soke Bryan Cheek by the World Elite Black Belt Society, October 2005.

Graduated 10 th dan by Soke Bryan Cheek by the World Elite Black Belt Society, October 2008.

Nominated as Chairman for the World grading panel for the Jukoshinryu System .

Nominated by The World Head of Family Sokeship Council as International  Grand Master 8 th dan Jiu-Jitsu Canada at the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Orlando Florida October 2004 . 

Hanshi has certified more than 30 black belts in his career.

Hanshi recently founded the International Jiu-Jitsu Organization open for all Martial Arts clubs who would like to learn and pratice Jiu-Jitsu in Quebec .

His personnal goal is to grow up the art of Jiu-Jitsu in Quebec with W.E.B.B.S  and Jukoshinryu system.

In 2011 Hanshi was promoted to a Vice President of W.E.B.B.S.


1982 –1994  the first French Canadian recognized as universally referee for the professional Kick Boxing by Jay T. Will  Chief referee for the P.K. A. 

  • Graduated by P.K. A.  Professional Karate Federation

  • Graduated by P.K.C.  Professional Kick Boxing Council

  • Graduated by I.S.K.A. International Sport Karate Association

  • Graduated by K.I.C.K  Association

       *  For all theses  associations, I’am recognized Referee and Judge A level .

  • Official for the Montreal Athletic Commission .

  • Official for Quebec Sport Security Ministry.


  • 1985 Chief Referee for the Quebec  Amateur Kick Boxing Corporation .

  • Vice-President and member of the board of administration and member of the discipline commitee for the Q.A.K.B.C.

  • Vice-President and Chief Referee for the Canadian Amateur Kick Boxing Association .


  •  Phil Collins

  • Janet Jackson

  • Celine Dion

  • Yoko Ono

  • Mr Al Gore (Vice President of the USA)

Recognized by the Justice Ministry as Commissioner of Assermentation .


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