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Welcome to Jukoshin Ryu International

Soke Bryan Cheek

Soke Bryan Cheek is the founder of Jukoshin Ryu International
71 Lancaster Road
Enfield, Middlesex     EN2 0DW
Tel / Fax: (020) 8363 8822

FOUNDER of Jukoshin Ryu

Soke Bryan Cheek 10th Dan

Soke has been training in martial arts for over 50 years and is one of the top International Masters in the World today! Soke opened his first Dojo in 1971 and he has been teaching students for some 40 years, many of his senior students have been under his instruction for over 30 years, he has taught in some 40 countries around the world and he is renowned for his practical, effective and powerful no nonsense techniques.

Soke created the Jukoshin ryu Jiu Jitsu system in 2003 at his London Dojo and since its inception it has been successful in many countries world wide, most of these countries have now adopted this system and study it, due to its practical self defence application.

Soke is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Jukoshin ryu Jiu Jitsu and the Founder and Chief Instructor of the World Elite Black Belt Society - WEBBS

A full time Professional teacher based in North London, England, Soke has a multitude of awards and achievements to his name. He has taught Military Special Forces Law Enforcement units, Security Personnel as well as the general public throughout the world.

Soke has been honoured with awards at National, International and World level :

  • Best British Martial Arts Instructor 1994

  • WKF Hall of Fame 1998

  • World Lifetime Achievement Award 2002

  • World Master of the Year 2003

He has also produced 9 Dvds on Martial Arts and is the author of 2 books on this subject.


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