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Welcome to Jukoshin Ryu International - Chile

Guillermo Montes Antunes

Representative: Guillermo Montes Antunes
Antonio Varas 246 interior, comuna de Providencia
Santiago de Chile     7500000
Chile, South América
Phone: 56 2 2351882     Mobile: 56 2 95377094

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Guillermo Montes Antunes, Instructor of Martial Arts

Guillermo Montes Antunes has been studying Martial Arts for thiry-three years. Almost all the styles of Martial Arts that Guillermo practices were learned in Chile, with the exception of Ninjutsu which he learned in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He has studied with such illustrious teachers and instructors in martial arts as:

In karate do Sebastián Cordero, fron Venezuela.
In Kunf Fu Tsung Chiao, Miguel Deluca Gárate.
In Tang Soo Do Mu Do Kwan, Marcos Beltrán.
In Hapkido, Luis Vicente Fuentes.
In Ninjutsu, Daniel Hernández.

Guillermo Montes Antunes in action

Guillermo curently holds the following grades:

2° dan of Karate Do 1970/1975
4 Tuan of Kung Fu Tsung Chiao 1975/1991
3° dan of Tang Soo Do, Mu do Kwan, 1992/1996
2° dan of Hapkido, Internetional Hapkido Federation, 1993/1997
4° dan of Ninjutsu, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, 1987 to present.


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