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Code of Conduct For Technical Representatives

As representatives of Jukoshin Ryu International, we must be aware that our behaviour reflects directly upon our Martial Art, our association, our individual dojos and, of course, upon ourselves.

We must constantly strive to present our chosen lifestyle in the best possible way. Too often, we see Martial Artists portrayed as little more than street fighters and thugs. We, who are part of the
élite, know better. Our chosen path combines, in some cases, a lifetime of dedication, study, hard work and sacrifice. Our responsibilities, to our Senseis, our students, our families and to the general public are not to be taken lightly. We demand the best and we give our best!

Here is our Code of Conduct:

1. The safety of all who study with us is paramount.

2. Treat all you encounter with respect.

3. Respect yourself and your art.

4. Set and maintain a high standard of discipline for yourself and your students.

5. Maintain a clean, safe and friendly environment for practicing your art.

6. The Technical Representative of any country is the voice of Jukoshin Ryu in that country.

7. Jukoshin Ryu members must not undertake seminars or teaching activities in a foreign country without consulting with the Technical Representative for that country.

8. All seminars/activities presented under the Jukoshin Ryu International banner must be authorised and cleared through both the home nation’s official representative, and International Headquarters in London.

9. Failure to follow the Code/Protocol could result in dismissal from Jukoshin Ryu International.

10. Soke Bryan Cheek retains the final authority on this and other matters within the organisation.

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