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Welcome to Jukoshin Ryu Switzerland

Renshi Hanspeter Ruesch

Representative: Shihan Hanspeter RŁesch
Baselstrasse 23
CH -
4203 Grellingen
0041 78 884 8470

E-mail: shihan.ruesch@gmail.com

Flag of Switzerland

World Grading Panel

Shihan Hanspeter Ruesch

Shihan Ruesch is a member of the Jukoshin ryu International World Grading Panel and is also the official representative for this organisation in Switzerland. He also holds the title of International Coordinator for Northern Europe, his experience is invaluable to both Soke Bryan Cheek and the World Grading Panel.

With over 30 years of training in the martial arts, he has a no nonsense approach to his teaching and a down to earth view regarding the promotion of other students. Shihan Ruesch has graduated many students to black belt level.


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