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Welcome to Jukoshin Ryu International - Israel

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Representative: Sensei Alex Shpilko
     Country: Israel


Sensei Alex Shpilko

Sensei Alex Shpilko has been the student of Evgeny Radishevsky since 1996. He is currently the Israel Bushinkai Ju-Jutsu Centre president. Sensei Shpilko is an instructor in Judo and Jujutsu. He has won National Championships many time with his students. His students are also champions of different full contact karate competitions and Motoha yoshin ryu kata competitions.

In 2010 he has prepared 10 Black Belt grade holders.

Official Position:

  • Jukoshin Ryu  Ju-Jutsu official representative for Israel

  • Motoha Yoshin Ryu International official representative for Israel

  • Bushinkai International official representative for Israel

Technical qualification:

  • Jukoshin Ryu Ju Jutsu 3rd Dan from Shihan B. Cheek (2003)

  • Moto-ha Yoshin Ryu Ju Jutsu 4th Dan, chuden from Soke Yasumoto (2008)

  • Bushinkan Ju Jutsu 4th Dan from Shihan Radishevsky (2008)

  • Traditional Judo 2nd Dan from Shihan B. Cheek (2003)

Judical qualification:

  • “WEBBS” International Category Ju Jutsu Judge

Sport Achivements:

  • Ukraine Judo Tournaments champion and the prize-winner.

  • Judo Master of sports (USSR title)




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