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Welcome to Jukoshin Ryu International - New Zealand

Representative: Sensei Shaune Kyle
     Country: New Zealand
   +64 (0) 22 094 7356


Sensei Shaune Kyle

Jukoshin ryu Jiu Jitsu 1st Dan

Jukoshin ryu Title Sensei

Sensei Shaune Kyle has studied a variety of different martial art styles and disciplines in his native New Zealand, but it was only when he travelled to London, England and met Kyoshi Anthony Robson that he found the system he had been searching for Jukoshin ryu Jiu Jitsu!

His stay in London was limited to just a few years, so he trained relentlessly to gain his Black Belt in this system, he was determined to take it back home with him and start teaching as soon as possible.

He is now the official representative for Jukoshin ryu International in New Zealand and his aim is to promote this system and with regular visits back to England he will try to advance his own training and skills.




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