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Welcome to Jukoshin Ryu International - Perú

Representative: Sensei Jorge Vásquez Ortiz
Av. 13 de Enero 2189 Urbanización la Huayrona - Lima 36 - Lima Perú.
     Country: Perú
  657 0960 - 387 4904 994335029



Martial Arts instructor with trajectory in different styles and ryu; with experience  givng instruction in Karate Do, JUDO, Aiki Jiujitsu, Jujitsu and Self Defense. He started his martial formation in January 1977 into Henry Kurt Dojo in Karate Shotokan; the sensei incharged was  Luis Hurtado;after a breve resting period he reasume Shotokan training in 1979 into Tomodachi Dojo with Senseis: Alberto Cherre, Miguel Vega y Dante Souza (Brazil). From 1983 to 1986 he practiced iat Peruvian Japanese Cultural with Sensei Yasutaka Tanaka (5th Dan in Shotokan Karate) with whom he obtained Shodan. The same sensei adviced him to practice other disciplines in order to complement training. In 1983 ihe started practicing JUDO into a Police DOJO (29th Police Station JUDO CLUB),the senseis incharged was Juan Salas Pardo (San Dan) and Dante Pastor (San Dan).

In 1986 he met Jiun Dook Sung, 2nd Dan in Tae Kwon Do and 1st.Dan in Hapkido with whom he practiced a kind of Combat Hapkido during a year, reaching Blue Belt and the License of Auxiliar Instructor II. In 1988 he started training Aikido Daito Ryu (Aiki Kokyu Kan) in National Engineering Unversity  Dojo and in Zen Bu Kan with  Sensei Félix Shimabuko Go Dan, reaching Blue Belt. In 1989 he started training TAE KWON DO into Natinal Engineering University TaeKwonDo Club, with Sabonis César and Raul Landeo (2nd y 1st Dan respectibly) obtaining red belt (2º Kup). In 1991 defended his black belt level before Peruvian Karate Yudanshaka and he aprobed NiDan in Shotokan. In 1993 he met Yoshimitsu Nakamura, OKINAWATE Sensei, who allowed him to train in his familiar Dojo during a year. In 1997 he starting practicing Goshin Ryu Aiki Jiujutsu in NIPPI JUDO CLUB, with Sensei Edmundo Paredes (Sho Dan), reaching Black Belt Okuiri in 2002, taht evaluation was given by the founder of the Ryu Soke Adam Figueroa; in October, 2010; Soke Figueroa came back to Perú and examined him allowing him Black Belt Kirikami (4th Dan) and gave him the Liscence of Sensei in the Ryu, the liscence permit him to graduate black belts for Goshin Ryu Aikiji Jutsu. During 1998 he practiced Tai Ho Jutsu – Police Martial Art, obtaining Shodan. In 2000  he reached San Dan in Tai Ho Jutsu.  In February 2004, he meets  Senei Henry Ishibashi (SanDan of Aikido Honbu, Ni Dan in Karate Seiguio Ryu and Shihan of Aikido Seiguio Ryu – Goshin Jutsu, with whom he trains during the year; Shihan Ishibashi allowed him the liscence as Auxiliar Instructor to teach the style until 8th kyu. In Agusust 2004,  American Goshin Jutsu recognized him as San Dan. Ending 2004, because of work,he travels to Peruvian Jungle (Madre de Dios Region) where he trains TAE FAE KWON DO (Navy special forces self defense system) obtaining Shodan. In 2008 he started training Enshin Karate. During the same year, he obtained Yon Dan in Shotokan Karate trough JKA of Peru. In 2009 he got in contact to Sensei Fernando Torres Córdova Go Dan in Jujitsu Nefusen Ryu, he practiced the mentioned ryu until september when sensei Torres tested and recognized him Shodan in Nfusen Ryu. In November  2010, he affilated to International BUDO Union. In April 2011 International BUDO recognized him Yon Dan in Karate Do and in May it recognized San Dan in Traditional Jujutsu.
During 90´s and earys 2000s he had practiced in breve periods other disciplines like: Brazilian Jiujitsu, Aikido Aikikai, Karate Seiguio Ryu and Lei Tai.


SHOTOKAN KARATE DO  (IBU) - Black Belt  4th Dan (Yon Dan)

KARATE DO  SHOTOKAN (JKA) - Black Belt  4th Dan (Yon Dan)        
JUJUTSU TRADICIONAL - Black Belte 3rd Dan (San Dan)

AMERICAN GOSHIN JUTSU  - Black Belte 3rd Dan (San Dan)
TAI HO JUTSU  - Black Belte 3rd Dan (San Dan)
JUJITSU NEFUSEN RYU   - Black Belte 1st Dan (Sho Dan)
TAE FAE KWON DO  - Black Belte 1st Dan (Sho Dan)

JUDO  - JUDO Peruvian Sport Federation  Cinturón Marrón 1º KYU



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