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Jukoshin Ryu Sri Lanka Welcome to Jukoshin Ryu Sri Lanka

Vajira S. Jayampath

Representative: Vajira S. Jayampath
Chinese Kung-Fu Training Institute, #667. "Subhashi"
City: New Rajawella, Rajawella-Kundy
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Shihan Vajira Sri Jayampath

Jukoshin ryu Jiu Jitsu 5th Dan

Jukoshin ryu Title Shihan

Shihan Jayampath began his training in Chinese martial arts, as a relatively close neighbour of China it made the training more accessible, plus there was more information available in these arts at that time. However Shihan Jayampath was not entirely happy with the system he had studied and he searched for a master and style that would fulfil his need for a practical and effective self defence format.

In 2003 he contacted Soke Bryan Cheek and to his surprise Soke offered to travel to Sri Lanka to teach Jukoshin ryu Jiu Jitsu, after experiencing this powerful Jiu Jitsu system he was hooked and decided to study and teach this system in Sri Lanka.

Vajira S. Jayampath

He has travelled to Japan with the WEBBS World Congress and has also been able to visit China, which has benefitted his teaching abilities. Shihan is the official representative for Jukoshin ryu International in Sri Lanka and he has some 400 students training with him in his home town of Kandy.

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